With time, all Sterling Silver jewellery will eventually tarnish. Regular washing in warm water and liquid soap will help slow down this process. Keeping your jewellery stored out of daylight will also help.

To remove the tarnish you can easily clean your jewellery at home using the following very effective method;

1. Line a bowl with kitchen foil, shiny side up.
2. Add one tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda (sodium bicarbonate) and one tablespoon of salt.
3. Add hot water.
4. Add your jewellery making sure it is touching the foil and leave for 5-10 minutes.

For a deep clean please send your jewellery back to me and I will barrel polish your items free of charge (return postage charge only).

For oxidised silver jewellery, simply regularly wash with cool water and liquid soap. When oxidised silver is new you may notice some of the black colour rubs off onto the skin, this only happens for the first few wears. Wash the jewellery before wear to help prevent this. The black colour will eventually fade to a steely grey which is lovely, however if you prefer to have the jewellery re-oxidised just pop it in the post to me for a colour refresh.

All carats of gold and gold filled jewellery will need very little attention, simply clean with warm water and liquid soap.